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It's in the doing that the idea comes

saw youtube about street photography


i saw the video on youtube about photos because I have to learn how to take pic something we can feel comfortable and good atomosphere.


Compare to clothes, it's different only to learn knowleage cuz we need to have sense, espesially about gift from our mother and father. just kidding.


but really important thing to do take a photos yap only street photo.


To take architecture photo is very easy and to be honest we can say that anyone can shot them because of awareness. What about is horizontally and vertically.

Buildings are never moving except when earthquakes happens, so we can shot them so easily.

So if you want to take pic that is not moving, you have to start to take buildings.


It's difficult to write down in English for me oh god

It's time to sleep.


I want to write more things about my life n lives but sorry haha

I'm tired.

Keep going myself!


Thank you for watching.