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It's in the doing that the idea comes

I met Mr.Hosaka who is an architect.

Went to Parktower to see the diploma which is in Waseda Art & Acrchitecture.

There were around 10 diplomas there and we could see oh, why I said we because I went there w/ my friends, sorry interrupt, we saw the masterpiece from one degree to third degree.


we went there to see only diploma so we were surprised at what these were there and I felt that the level of one degree was so high and maybe we could do that kinda level.


What we werw in so happy and nice time is to have been met w/ Mr. Hosaka who is one of the most famous architect in japan. we talked a lot things.


I heard to him how the diploma will be tend something,,,


we have talked a lot so i can't write down here but i will do the most important i felt and think.


we should talk more w/ my friends about architecture.

He said that when he was in colleage he've been in degree the same as Tsukasa Nishida or sorry I forgot.

But anyway to discuss about architecture is the most important thing if you want to be an famous architect.

So i will do always.


But for this, we have to read books a lot and improve on my knowleage and skill to make models for exsample.


After his talk, we said thanks to him and we were introduced to person who are in diploma. This oppotunity was so big because we could talk about his model and boards and we spent soo good time. He's been in the big company for two years and make much money but he noticed that is not his style so he changed his mind and now he are working in Hiroshi Nakamura office. Mr.Nakamura was graduated the same university as we go.

The famous one is ribbon chapel that has double helix chapel.


to be honest, I didn't him until when i talked in line w/ my friends haha


What i have to say something to who don't know us when we want to connect is very important and signifacant.


It was awesome time in ever my life.


Thank you for watching my terrible my English.