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favorite song

I'll tell you guys my favorite songs.

To be honest, I don't know about music and I can't express my thought through music.

If I do, I don't know how to express.


So I want to be like musician someday, but it will be another centry haha


My opinion regarding to music is to listen to the newest song all over the world.

So recently, Ed Sheeran is coming in my side!

It's so awesome.

It'll be party song and dance song maybe.


In the fact, this song oh sorry I didin't tell the name of this song, it's "shape of you"

this one is one of the most famous songs around the world right now!


I went to London in last summer, and I've felt to know the famous and popular song was so important because we had to dance to be friends and to make opportunites to speak English when we go to the pab or club, so that must.


the point to know the English song is good for me to improve on my English pronunciation indeed.


From that days, I had to listen to the newest songs all over the world.


Finally, I'll post my favorite song in this blog.

Thank you for watching.



These are lit songs!

Check it out and if you like let me know.

Let's talk and hang out together!